Everyday life in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil - documentary
Havana - an ongoing series looking at current life in Havana, Cuba
Brazil - Sao Paulo and Salvador, Bahia
These images and more are on permanent display at the Consul General of Brazil offices in Toronto
Royal York Hotel, Toronto - roof top bee hives
A selection of these photos were projected six stories high on the side of the hotel during Nuit Blanche 2010
toy camera - images on film
The Wrapped Series
The project began 24 years ago with a 7 metre length of grey material and a subject who was inspired to wrap herself up. She projected such strength and emotion in every photo I took of her that I decided that this would be an ideal medium with which I could capture these feelings. Each subject is given the material and asked to interpret it in whatever setting they choose. And with no direction from behind the camera, I record what they do. Each person with their own story. Each image with it's own story. As of July 2018, I have photographed 76 women in this project. And plan to continue for as long as the material holds together.
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